Bizi Takip Edin!
Dil Seçimi:

Our company was established in 1991 for the purposes of developing and spreading out beekeeping in our country, introducing bee products other than honey, modernizing production processes, supporting domestic producers and decreasing foreign dependency in bee products. Arı Mühendislik Ltd.Şti. started to produce food supplements in addition to its product range of honey, pollen, royal jelly and molasses, under the trademark Balen in 1996.

Under today’s conditions in which people are in a rush and thus, speed up their eating habits, we have considered the changed consumer demands and we have achieved the production of food supplements for the first time in Turkey, with an effort to prepare food resources given us by the nature we follow the world standards closely and we conduct joint projects with scientific institutions, while we lead this sector which is new for our country.

Our basic objective is to produce high quality products, useful to human health, considering unconditional consumer satisfaction first of all.

We are at your service with our range of product spreading out as the Balen family, with our convenient prices and with our principle of innovation.